Scenes From A Lost Weekend... 2018 Kapalua Wine & Food Festival

Last weekend remains largely a blur... three days of wines, food, celebrity sightings and hangovers as I covered the 30-somethingeth Wine & Food Festival at the Kapalua Resort for the 20-somethingeth time. Much of the rest of the week that followed was spent hunkering down before this fine blue screen editing and retouching the accumulated weekend's takes. I seem to vaguely recall attending a number of tastings, winemaker discussion panels, gala poolside and beachside parties and hobnobbing with the beautiful wine people doing wine-people stuff.

Highlights for me were eating a decadent $65 hamburger of waigu beef, foie gras & truffles on toasted brioche bun prepared by San Francisco and Vegas Chef Hubert Keller, hanging with old friends Shep Gordon, Mark Ellman and Mick Fleetwood, sampling far too many delicious vinos being constantly thrust into my hands.

Downlights were dropping my camera and destroying a $2300 lens (thankfully, the camera body survived). Let that be a lesson to you... never drink and photograph. 

Supermensch Shep Gordon
David Arthur Winery Owner David Long and His Lovely Wife
Mick Fleetwood and Chef Hubert Keller
Chelsea Hill & Mick Fleetwood
Somm Journal Managing Editor Jessie "Jabs" Birschbach w/ Supermensch Shep Gordon
Chef Mark Tarbell Celebrates a Successful Service
Mick Fleetwood w/ Chef Cat Cora
The $65 Burger