Re-entry Completed

I had the best of intentions of being more active & current when it comes to updating this blog... Really I did. Now just over a week back on the island after the three week whirlwind tour of the east coast. Like a cloud of fog, the jet-lag following this trip just wouldn't clear and readjusting to the 6 hour time difference, normally not a problem, has been difficult to say the least.

Chalk it all up to aging, I suppose.

Though officially spring... the east coast weather, except for a couple of beautiful days in DC, was more winter like with temperatures in the 40's, 50's and very low 60's, almost constant rain and grey skies. This, obviously put somewhat of a damper of prolific picture making. The real mission of the trip was not thwarted by the miserable weather... to check on the progress being made on the restoration of the 1870's historic colonial purchased last year and to make the portfolio rounds with creatives, art buyers & producers in NYC, DC and Baltimore.

As soon as we climbed off the plane in Baltimore, I caught the shuttle to pick up the car rental and headed straight south for the 2 hour drive to Maryland's eastern Shore. Here, I found progress made on the restoration with a new 2nd floor bedroom, bath and closet array framed up, new windows installed throughout the house, heating & AC lines installed and electricians & plumbers scheduled for later in the week. Here I spent the first few days... purchasing countertops, lighting, vanities, tile and other finishes. An invitation to an impromptu riverside crab feast and side trips to visit friends in Rehoboth Beach and to the Island of Chincoteague (setting for the book Misty of Chincoteague) for salty fried oysters and a front row seat to the local volunteer firemen's parade.

Sunset Over the Nanticoke River, Bivalve, Md.

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