Unexpected Adventures in Food Porn

Attended a gala "Donor Appreciation" dinner for well-heeled patrons of our local Arts & Cultural Center. The setting.... Spago Maui, of Wolfgang Puck fame, at the Four Seasons Resort on the south end of the island. I was a hired gun with camera, not a guest/patron. The mission... to capture candid images of the Patrons of the Arts as they wined, dined and celebrated the fruits of their past and ongoing philanthropy. We owe these folks a debt of gratitude for bringing to an island as small in size and population as ours, a wold class Arts Center with 2 amazing performance theaters, an outdoor amphitheater, a steady flow of world class musicians, entertainers, performers and artists, a massive gallery exhibition space and a complex of other multi-purpose meeting rooms, dance studios and classrooms. 

In the midst of the festivities, wait-persons circulated amongst the patrons, serving the bubbly and beautiful plates of hors d'oeuvres, as in the two photographs above, captured stealthily as the plates circulated amongst the crowd.

Today spent editing last night's collected imagery and getting it delivered for last minute publication. There was more reaching out to potential art buyers to meet during next week's trip east, with two appointments scored with the  in-house creative agencies for two major resort corporations and the quick lashing-together of a proposal for a three day creative project for a luxury Big Island Resort slated to happen sometime in late May or early June.

An hour long "tune-up" via SKYPE with Master D, hiding out somewhere in the UK, also took place late this morning. Now time to wrap up the day, feed the dog, prepare the night's menu of pasta with braised chard, onion, lemon & roasted pine-nuts and some much needed sleep.

© Tony Novak-Clifford. All rights reserved.